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Welcome to Boscamp Show Goats!...

We started out with stocker nannies in 2007. Our kids had been showing sheep & wethers at the local County Show before that. As our stocker nannies were pretty nice, people would stop & want to buy some of the wethers as show goats. That wasn’t our goal in the beginning. So we started culling out the bottom end nannies, & replacing with some show does that we bought at the various Production Sales. We eventually ended up with all the stocker nannies replaced with wether bred nannies & buying wether producing bucks. It was a costly move, but one we’ve never regretted.

Today, we are breeding some of the top bred does & bucks, from the top wether producers in Texas. Plus, we cull very hard & only keep the does & bucks that conform to the show wether standard. It’s a never ending process that continues to keep us looking & breeding the best we can. As we continued to improve our wethers, we were invited to join 2 different breeders’ groups, which we are now members of. The Lone Star Elite & The Breeders’ Cup Coalition. Both are filled with high caliber breeders from around Texas. It’s a standard that we strive to keep & stay committed to, for our new & returning customers. Thanks for your continued support of our wether program
— Steve & Diana Boscamp

Goats will be shown by appointment only.


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